Isola Bella - Lago Maggiore.
Descriptif détaillé du paradis demain.

Tee shirt h&m
Jupe Zara
Boots Jonak
Sac Celine

15 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Super belle la première photo!
Jupe noire & teesh blanc simple mais classe!


Anonyme a dit…

wow just found you blog
love it.

theres a new post up, check it you ;-)
would love to have you as a follower

Anonyme a dit…

Je t'ai vu sur Fashion Salade avec tes supers bracelets. J'adore tes boots elles sont trop tops...ton blog aussi

Eva a dit…

Super les boots customisées!! J'aime bcp le principe de ton blog :)

il était une fois... a dit…

GAHH!! Sof you look AMAZE!! love these snaps and the whole outfit!!!! xxxx


Raya a dit…

very simple and chic!

Anonyme a dit…

Fun! You look so stylish. I definitely need to add a great black skirt like yours to my wardrobe.

The Internet Garbage

▲Nicci St. Bruce▲ a dit…

beautiful! <3

Oh my Dior! a dit…

beautiful shoes and hair I'm now following you with net!


LORENA a dit…

beautiful shots! i actually went to isola bella in sicily a few years back, gorgeous..


Friend in Fashion a dit…

Chic! Great boots and such beautiful hair!

Friend in Fashion

zinouchan a dit…

simply beautiful <3

The Fashion Cloud a dit…

j'adore ce look simple mais parfait!!$



Lio a dit…

j'adore ce look :)

Trips & Treasures a dit…

I've been to Lago Maggiore aswell, so pretty !

cool outfit !

new outfit post : my boots for fall