Tee// Cabanon Bleu  |  Jeans//Vintage  | Sandals//Zara(old)
Aujourd'hui. Face à mon dressing depuis environ 10 min. Je me courbe, m'assois, me relève, tapote une robe, aère les cintres. Je n'ai rien a me mettre....
Mes piles de vêtements concurrencent la tour de Pise mais ça m'est égal. Je veux du neuf!
L'homme me sauve la vie, il trouve l'imprimé ringard, je le trouve extra. Raccourcissement des manches, rétrécissement de la longueur du denim et des talons.So Sweet my shirt!

Today. In front of my dressing room since approximately 10 min. I curve, sit down, rise, tap a dress, air the clothes hangers. I do not have anything to wear….
My piles of clothing compete with the tower of Pisa but that is equal for me. I want something new!
The man saves my life, he thinks that  printed tee shirts are old-fashioned, I find it extra. Shortening of the handles, contracting length of the denim and the heels. So Sweet my shirt!

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Anonyme a dit…

That's a pretty cool Tee! Xo

- wnyfashion.blogspot.com -

Gita a dit…

Love this look. So chic, simple and cool at the same time. Those jeans are amazing!
Hey, thanks for your comment, it means a lot :).


Lottie HALL a dit…

love the tee- and the cut of those jeans! x x x


stardust and the spiders from mars a dit…

I adore your style !
these panta are amazing - I love vintage jeans, even fabrics were better in '80 or '90 than now

Euriental a dit…

Great tee! Also love the shoes. Very well put together outfit.


Joyce a dit…

love how casual and chic you look ^_^

Joyce @ carouselstreet.com

Not Just A Pretty Dress a dit…

Sofia, the situation that you described is very familiar to me! So many times I've been starting in front of my closet...and I think that casual looks - like this one - are always the best! I'm a fan of high waist cuts!

Marta Dopazo a dit…

Like so much that outfit!


garde a dit…

i have no words. this is the best outfit ive seen for days. wuuuu the jeans...unique piece! and lovely. and the tshirt
believe me...you are beautiful

new look!

Rhoda Wong a dit…

thanks for your lovely comment on my blog earlier!
i love your style & your blog too! maybe we can follow each other (:


monkeyshines ♥ a dit…

love the bf jeans!


Laura a dit…

Superbe le teesh du boyfriend en mode look féminin!
Bisous, bonne soirée! http://lecomptoirdelaura.wordpress.com/

Jennifer a dit…

Great shoes!

xo Jennifer


Ginger a dit…

Ah cette phrase !! "Je n'ai rien a me mettre" !! :-D
Très joli look btw !! ;)

Ashleigh Nicole a dit…

Cute and casual, love the jeans! xo


Ali a dit…

that's a really great t-shirt and you've styled it well. I love your photos!

Itssa Bandicoot a dit…

the T is amazing :D love how simple is the look but it still looks so stylish!^


perfect hippie a dit…

Perfect outfit, love the top!

KERRIN a dit…

perfect jeans. xx