"Eyes Of Nedjma" Winter 15/16 - Online - www.bakchic.com
Designed from the eyes of the past for the Arab New Age trend, Eyes Of Nedjma is the eternal quest of old Fashion Treasuries through my GrandMother's precious look and souvenirs.
From the elevation of the Berber Mountains, the collection found its place of rest between too mountainous sides called tradtitions and futurism.

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Sarah Modeee a dit…


Perfect pics ! :D

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Shilpa angel a dit…

Love this preppy look! Especially the socks and shoes like it <3

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akmal niazi khan a dit…

Girls fashion and their age are always inversely proportional. You have fantastic stuff on this blog that keep the girls young and beautiful with you fashion tips. Being a fashion artist I really appreciate your efforts and work.
Love from Royal Lady

college district a dit…

I love this post! Your fashion style is so amazing. It's so fabulous!

Rugile Rarelyte a dit…

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