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Perfecto New Look
Gilet Vintage
Escarpins Zara

Lorsque tu es fan des imprimés
Que tu raffoles du style ethnique
Et que tu aurais aimé être née dans une tribu à l'esprit libre et aux traditions nomades
Que tu viens de découvrir la marque Boxing Kitten
Que tu es Africaine
Il ne te reste plus qu'a shooter dans la brousse (enfin presque).

Mon éducation commence à peine...

When you are a fan of printed patterns
And you adore ethnic style
That you would have liked to be born in a free spirit tribe with nomadic traditions
And you have just discovered the brand boxing Kitten
That you are African
It remains you to shoot in the bush (almost)
My education hardly starts...

24 commentaires:

Michelle's Style File a dit…

LOOOOVE this skirt!!


Carla a dit…

Great location, great picutes, great outfit.

Garance Désirée a dit…

Un grand bravo. Je n'aime pas toujours ce que tu fais, mais quand j'aime, j'aime à la folie. C'est le cas de ce shoot. :)

Audrey Leighton a dit…

such amazing photos..LOVE.
The print on that skirt is so lovely.

Be Frassy

Laura a dit…

Great look!
J'adore le style décalé entre le look chic et le paysage désert!
Bisous beauté


CoolBites a dit…

LOVE, LOVE,LOVE…I need that skirt sooo badly…
Super cool outfit and great photos ;))
Big kiss !

Style Servings a dit…

Wow, what a fabulous look, that skirt is so cool!


la vie quotidienne a dit…

Love your skirt, so stunning!!
The background is amazing!!

xoxo from München
La Vie Quotidienne

Fashiable a dit…

Love your skirt, amazing pattern. And wow..I love the view!!


monkeyshines ♥ a dit…

beautiful skirt!


Anonyme a dit…

That skirt is so amazing! I love it so much :)

I'm your newest follower! Hope to be followed back in return and thanks for commenting!

Glamour-cheap a dit…

Cette jupe est juste parfaite! et tu la très bien associer à ta tenue! j'adore! :)

miss faty a dit…

the first pic is just stunning!!!!

Caro a dit…

Les photos sont canons ! La tenue aussi :)

Despina a dit…

Your skirt is so beautiful! It has amazing patterns and colors! Btw, thnx for your comment...
If u want we can follow each other.
Cu stylish girl.


cocobloggers a dit…

this skirt is simply seductive!!absolutely love the whole look!!
thank you for your lovely comment dear!!your blog is amazing!!hope you keep in touch !!!

a kiss from the

Yeliz a dit…

Sometimes I forget you're from Casablanca, then I have this tiny heart attack when I click in to your stunning blog and remember how freaking wonderful it is! Sorry for the absence dear, still getting in to the swing of life. Truly drooling on that skirt..not creepy much BUT the bold and bright almost aztec print is DIVINE. this is simple and chic and sooo you! Xx

kristina a dit…

love love your outfit, super cute! thanks for stopping by btw ;) ;)

Leeloo's a dit…

love your skirt and photos, great location!

Yuma Miyake a dit…

your exotic skirt is beautiful!love your style so much;)


La Mode Operandi a dit…

very cool skirt! the colours and creepy eyes make for an awesome pattern!

Sivi a dit…

wooow, lovely your skirt, lovely your style and lovely you blog!!!amazing!!!! :D XOXO

Danie at Pasadya a dit…

AMAZING photo shoot!!! Love your style, and your outfit fits perfectly with the landscape!

Danie at Pasadya a dit…

Would you mind if I posted some of these photos and link back to your blog? This is too good not to share!